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Conversations of the Heart: From Pain to Promise - E-Book

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Conversations of the Heart: From Pain to Promise- eBook
Synopsis: Broken and cracked...scabbed and bleeding we all need to know that there is purpose to our life’s journey. A genuine hope, even when everything around us appears, shattered and beyond repair. As you read and share in the author’s true life journey, which is the inspiration behind, this wonderful heart-rending and heart-warming collection of poems. The author invites you to have those conversations of the heart, you have been too fearful to have and allow Jehovah's grace, to cover and heal you, as you too journey from pain to promise. ISBN 978-1-907978-61-6 ebook edition.


Product Code: 978-1-907978-61-6

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Average Rating: 5

Loved this book

An inspired collection of poetry. I could feel the sun, the flutter of butterfly wings, smell the tropical fruit. Many of the poems brought back memories of my grandparents and my times as a vacationing at their home in Puerto Rico. The poems illicit emotions from deep within. I cried with Carmen’s pain, laughed and smiled at happy times. There is always an underpinning of wonder and searching within the poems and it suggests the journey of a woman to find herself, in the roles of daughter, mom, woman, child of God and the many hats we as women wear. I can very much relate to these currents as they swell, crest and fall. From Conversations of the Heart: From Pain to Promise is a wonderful collection of struggle, discovery, love and strength that is not to be missed. Christina Reedy - Library Director, Hallmark College of Technology and Aeronautics :: 14 Jul 2015, 16:17

Christina Reedy - Library Director, Hallmark College of Technology and Aeronautics :: 19 Dec 2016, 15:15

Wonderful Reading Experience!

Conversations of the heart: From Pain to Promise by Carmen M. Sullemun has been a wonderful read and experience. I say experience because the author allowed me to walk in her shoes, experiencing the journey that our Lord took her through. This beautiful narrative in poetry allowed me to see in the Spirit how grand, vast and all-knowing our God truly is. And since He sees the big picture in our lives “From Pain to Promise” expresses all emotion that one may feel throughout our living, as we seek His face and will. From page to page the poems held me and made me want to see what was coming next! Minister Carmen M. Sullemun, thank you for sharing your story with The Word of God to lead the way, and giving hope that Jesus, the Christ loves us and wants the best for us in whatever state we are in. And thank you for the opportunity to read this work of art! Beautiful! To God is the glory! Rise Hayes - Teacher, Woodlake Hills Middle School :: 14 Jul 2015, 16:19

Rise Hayes ::

Powerful Introspective Inspirational

I heard my mother once say “You will never understand my praise because you will never understand my pain”. While I now have a new understanding of what that means, it is much more introspective than I could have ever anticipated. My expectation was to learn more about her, not to uncover myself while reading, but it is a journey I’m grateful she shared. Conversations of the heart; From pain to promise is a powerful collective work from the heart of my mother that allowed me to participate along a journey that trailed the life of the woman I only once knew as mommy, from tricycle through trials, and thankfully to triumph...” Racquel Sullemun :: 14 Jul 2015, 16:21

Racquel Sullemun ::

Revealing, Poignant, A Must Read

Her words revealed to me a Carmen whose experience, often difficult and filled with pain, has evolved her into a wise and understanding sister in this journey we call Life. “Have you ever cried without shedding a tear?” “Have you ever cried,wanting to pray…?” These lines will strike a chord in any woman who has loved a parent, joined with a spouse, and birthed a child. Carmen has reached deep into her past to find her self, and inspires other women to do the same. She shows us we are more than the sum of our roles as daughter, spouse and mother. Her poems are revealing; they are poignant; they are spirit-filled. Read them and you will find a glimpse of yourself in them. They will transport you to a place where, perhaps, you can find respite and solace in the loving arms of our God.

Susan Rawson ::

Excellent read. Loved the flow/transition/growth and resulting victorious finale

Excellent read. Loved the flow/transition/growth and resulting victorious finale. Well written journey. I appreciate the personal feeling and many times saw myself.

Love2Read - USA ::

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