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It's the 5th of November and a firework in the wrong hands spells trouble for Carla and changes her life for ever. Read this inspirational story of one girl's fight to overcome the stigma of disfiguration and how a few kind words from an unexpected source, turned thoughts of revenge into a passion to help others, who's lives have also been rudely and dramatically changed. Revised with new content. Remember Remember, Second Edition:

  • Publisher: ETA Publishing House
  • Publication date: 17 July 2015
  • ISBN 13: 9781907978128
  • E-book Edition

Product Code: 978-1-907978-12-8

Manufacturer: ETA Books

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Remember Remember

Remember Remember is a novella by Sue Whitaker that describes the horror of what one incident can do to someone's life. It's fast-paced and packed with emotion that will make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster of a ride. Sue Whitaker has created a story that is both beautiful, but also sends a message out to every single person on the planet - old and young - about the danger of bonfire night. It's the 5th of November and a firework in the wrong hands spells trouble for Carla and changes her life forever. Read this inspirational story of one girl's fight to overcome the stigma of disfiguration and how a few kind words from an unexpected source, turned thoughts of revenge into a passion for helping others, who's lives have also been rudely and dramatically changed. At first, I hated the character of Carla. Whitaker portrayed her as a snobby, thirteen-year-old who did nothing but make sure that she fit in with her group of friends and laughed at people who she thought were inferior to her. Obviously, Whitaker wants us to dislike Carla's character so that we get to see her character development that happens after a firework gets thrown into her face on purpose. "I tried to fight the panic and force it back down to where it had come from." - Sue Whitaker, Remember Remember I read this novella whilst I was on the train and I had to stop myself from crying when Carla realised that she was disfigured from the criminal acts of a stupid boy who thought it would be funny to throw a firework around. (See, you can tell now that I'm just getting angry - that's how much this story had an impact on me!) This is a beautiful story about family, friendships and how the road to recovery can be the hardest but the best thing a person can ever do. This is a story about how a girl had to change her life around, had to struggle with her identity and about that one special person can be with you every step of the way.

Kirsty Hanson :: 20 Oct 2016, 17:20

Firework Safety Message

Remember, Remember is an ideal book to read to a group of children, perhaps in junior school, senior school or a youth group as part of a topical firework theme. It is a short story, set in London around fourteen year old Carla Robinson. Carla is a typical teenager, part of a group of cool friends, who are into make-up, hair and following trends which make them fit in with the popular crowd. This all changes for Carla on the night of November 5th when she is victim of a cruel accident. She awakes two days later in the burns unit of the local hospital with memory loss, intense pain and a radically changed future. This book reaches out with its safety message to all on bonfire night.

Rosie Amber :: 20 Oct 2016, 11:10

Remember Remember

This short novel is a gripping first person story of change, challenge and courage. It shows the reader the teenage world of school, friends and family; one that most people can relate to and which is smashed in a moment. On Bonfire Night. The author's writing holds your attention and keeps you turning pages (just one more!) as the experience of the narrator unfolds and its awful consequences are understood. Thereafter friendship and courage are required to come to terms with the life altering change the narrator has to address. This is a book I will be sharing with the young members of my family. There is a moral and a vision of the law of unintended consequences that Sue Whittaker wraps in a warm human story.

Roger Nield :: 12 Oct 2016, 16:50

Remember, Remember

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book- but it really leaves an impression. It's a very short book but would be a really powerful tool for senior schools to cover firework safety and bullying in general. A young girls life is changed forever by the really stupid criminal actions of a young lad. Carla enjoys her life as a young 14 year old girl , enjoying make up and hair and shopping. The very traumatic events following Bonfire Night are vividly described and make you very involved with the after effects and hoping that things will improve for the girl. She encounters medical people and counsellors who try to help her through the immediate period following the trauma and although she can't comprehend how life can go on, provide her with the tools to forge ahead and try to find the positives in a new life. It shares support from unexpected quarters which show the value of kindness making the biggest diference you can imagine in coping with an unimaginable existence- but also in the strength that you can find from deep within. Life, although dramaticaly altered, does go on- and the outlook you had before will be changed forever. But your experiences can make you instrumental in helping someone else through the darkest, bleakest times. The book explores how a stupid, thoughtless action can change lives forever- as family members share in your pain and fears for the future. If this book can make just one person stop and think about fireworks being personal hand grenades in the wrong hands and encourage maybe the sale of fireworks to be limited to public displays only, it will be a wonderful outcome. I was supplied with a copy of the book by ETA Books in exchange for a review. You can buy a copy here This made me keen to search out more work by Sue Whitaker and although this one is aimed at the YA market I feel it has a widereaching appeal. It's a painful read but really draws you in, turning the pages.

Kim Feasey :: 09 Oct 2016, 10:14


This book had me gripped at every page, it’s what you would 100% call a page turner, I couldn't put it down. There was so much emotion in the book, from happy to sad, confused, scared, loneliness to inspiration, you really feel involved and that’s really important to me when I buy books. Although this book is aimed at young adult/ teens I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it and know that teens and many other generations will too. It’s a thrilling ride of emotions that will have you hooked on every page. Sometimes books can be really slow at the start and it feels like forever until it gets to an interesting bit and I can get very bored very easily. However I found with Remember Remember that it wasn’t like that, it led up to the point fairly quickly without the book being over within a few pages. I found that the author, Sue Whitaker, made you really feel like you were involved in the book and described the scenes so well that I could picture it all and picture the characters very clearly. It was almost like you were feeling Carla’s emotions with her. This is a story of heartbreak, but not in the usual lovey way that you normally read, this is a story of heartbreak to a girl and her life changing circumstances. It is a really inspirational book that looks at how a young girl and how her views on life changed so quickly. I really loved this book and would 100% recommend it to anybody who is looking for a quick read with a roller-coaster ride to it.

Amber Gray :: 14 Sep 2016, 13:56

Heroism At Its Best!

I absolutely loved this book. I found Carla's journey both heart rending and inspiring. Without seeming cheesy, everyone regardless of age can learn something from this young girls journey.

Cauline Thomas :: 13 Sep 2016, 19:04

5 stars

Very good book, couldn't put it down. Seemed accurate in the way the burns victim would think and feel

Chris ::

Great book...

It's November 5th, the night the British celebrate Guy Fawke's Night aka Bonfire Night. Carla just turned 14 a week ago and is now getting ready for the night out with friends. Running late to meet her friends due to her hair not cooperating and a zit appearing "suddenly" on the end of her nose, Carla discovers that her friends have already left the meeting place so she is on her own. (Yes, she is a typical, self-absorbed teenager.) Walking down a London street Carla is hit with a firework deliberately thrown at her. "In an instant I was both deaf and blind." Her memory is also completely gone. Walk with her as she goes through the next few days and months. Written in the first person, this story is an EXCELLENT description of what Carla goes through. Who was the surprising help during this time? How did she cope with the feeling that often came for the need for revenge? This is a quick and poignant read which I would recommend for kids 10 and up.

Liz ::

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